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Exercise Therapy & Personal Training

Exercise Therapy & Personal Training can help you recover from injury, or improve health.  A regular and well designed exercise program can improve your physical and mental wellness, even if you don’t suffer from illness or injury. Kris GuerrieroKris Guerriero is our Certified Personal Trainer Specialist, with many years in the fitness industry. Kris is also a certified Occupational Therapist Assistant (OTA) and Physiotherapist Assistant (PTA). This training allows Kris to work with you on an individual or small group basis. She will design exercise programs for you to improve your fitness and health.

Exercise Therapy & Personal TrainingAs  a certified Personal Trainer Specialist, Kris is able to provide you Exercise Therapy & Personal Training with :

  • an effective workout based on your individual needs;
  • a safe and enjoyable environment;
  • encouragement to pursue a happy and balanced lifestyle;
  • communication that is genuine, honest and professional;
  • answers to your general questions regarding your injuries or discomforts related to exercise. (Please note that all injuries must be diagnosed and treated by a qualified Health Professional.);
  • generalized advice on nutrition based on Canada’s Food Guide. If you require more specific advice on diet and supplements you will be referred to a qualified nutrition professional; and
  • an initial exercise plan within your level of ability. As you progress, you will be introduced to more advanced training techniques.

Kris also has experience in working with motor vehicle accident and WSIB clients under the guidance of, and in conjunction with, a Health Professional. If you are working to recover from an accident or injury, come in and consult with us to see how we can assist in your recovery and rehabilitation.

Our onsite exercise facility is quiet and friendly. You will get training on how to use the various pieces of fitness equipment we have on site. Kris is also a certified trainer for BOSU® balance training. BOSU® is an acronym for “Both Sides Utilized”. bosuThe unique BOSU® system is about expanding movement capabilities while reshaping the body and strengthening the mind. Visit the BOSU® website for more information.

Tips to help ensure results and achieve your fitness and health goals:

  • Make your goals specific
  • Make your goals measureable. (ex. How will you know when you get there?)
  • Make your goals achievable.
    (Make a number of smaller goals instead of one “big one”. The smaller ones all add up!)
  • Be Realistic
    (Average weight loss is usually between 1 – 2 pounds per week. Some weeks it may be more and some weeks, less.)
  • Timeliness
    (Don’t delay, the sooner you get started, the sooner you will achieve!)
  • Determine your Bad Habits and break them.
    Try different things. If what you try doesn’t work out, try again!