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Nursing Foot Care

Footcare is important!

Algoma Foot Smart – Nursing Footcare

Juanita Wood-Arbus, R.N.

Footcare in the office or home.Registered Advanced Nursing Foot Care
Registered Reflexologist RRPr
(705) 256-8112
(705) 942-0775

Linda Cook, R.P.N.

(705) 256-8112
(705) 541-8436

Flexible Hours:
Homecare available

Comprehensive Advanced Nursing Footcare
We offer a full range of foot care services to people of all ages.

  • Corns, calluses, nail care, warts
  • General footcare education
  • Assessment for nail problems and foot complaints
  • Relaxing foot rubs
  • Treatment of fungal nail conditions
  • Skin and nail conditioning
  • Advanced Nursing Diabetic Footcare
  • Reflexology treatments
  • Home Care
  • Office care at 2 locations

Foot Facts

Women have about four times as many serious foot problems as men; lifelong patterns of wearing high heels are the culprit!
Any diabetic with evidence of loss of sensation should be started on a comprehensive foot care program, beginning with a biomechanics assessment.

Your feet mirror general health. Such conditions as arthritis, diabetes, nerve and circulatory disorders can show their initial symptoms in the feet. So foot aliments can be your first sign of more serious medical problems!

When you are walking, the pressure on your feet exceeds your body weight; when you’re running, it can be three or four times your weight!

If you have been diagnosed with foot problems, or if you have had pain in your back or legs for a prolonged period of time, Biomechanics assessment is the first step to “better health!”


Promotes overall health and well being and works to:

Reduce stress and induce deep relaxation
Improve circulation
Cleanse the body of toxins and impurities
Balance the whole system
Revitalize energy
Boost the immune system

When do you call a foot care nurse?

  • Footcare is important.When nails have become too thick or hard for you to cut.
  • When your vision has changed and cutting nails is difficult.
  • When flexibility has changed due to arthritis or injuries, and bending is too difficult.
  • When bending causes dizziness, and you cannot cut your own nails.
  • When there are corns or calluses and your feet are sore or have a burning sensation.
  • When your feet are sore or painful when walking.
  • When there is thickening and deformity of the nails due to injury or fungal conditions.
  • When you are diabetic or have circulation problems with loss of sensation.
  • When recovering from surgeries and bending is limited.


*Our prices are flexible and we are service providers for those who are Veterans and hold a valid DVA or Veterans Affairs Canada Card
*Prices include G.S.T

Foot Care

Home Care:
Initial visit $45.00 to $55 (dependent on location)
Subsequent Visits $42

In Office:
Initial appointment – $45
Subsequent $40

$5.00 for missed appointments


Home/Office initial 1.5 hours – $55.00
Subsequent – $48.00